Initially trained in classical arts, Jānis Garančs works in technological and algorithmic art genres – interactive multi-media installations and performances, Virtual Reality, video, digital print and mixed material painting.

His artworks are characteristic with inspiration from various concepts of contemporary theoretical physics, communication and evolution theories. The works can be a mixture of dystopian, ‘dark future vision’ with a slight touch of humour on the contemporary ‘common’ and ‘digital’ urban realities.

“…while many new media artists artists are so conceptionally convoluted that few get the hyper-irony, Garancs’ work is visceral and tangible: a 3D datascape of moving lines, colours and information that can be set up to interact with moving bodies. Viva networked acid for the wired generation!

Garancs creates crazy stereoscopic projections – like what you’d hallucinate the Net to look like in William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Call it the new phychedelia for the SMS kiddies, or the reprogramming of our cyberpunk fantasies with surround-sound bleeps…”
by Tobias C. van Veen for ARTSWEEK, Montreal Mirror (2003)

Since 2000 Jānis Garančs focuses on stereoscopic imagery, immersive 3D sound and combination of complex programmed, algorithmic structures with spontaneous gestures and live improvisation on-stage. He has exhibited and presented his work internationally at venues and events including Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), DEAF (Rotterdam), Transmediale (Berlin), ISEA (Helsinki 2004, Montreal 2020, Barcelona 2022, Paris 2023), Centre Pompidou – Paris, SAT – Society for Art and Technology (Montreal), RIXC Art and Science festival (Riga), Banff New Media Institute, EXPO 2000 World Exhibition Hanover, and others.