AV4D (2009)

self-developed toolset for realtime audiovisual manipulations

integration of software (like VRML/X3D browser, VJ software) and hardware - cameras, video mixers and MIDI controllers) as interactive platform for immersive multimedia performances and 3D-Vj'ing.

Parallel[land]scapes (2004-2006)

Interactive installation - 3-D stereoscopic projection and surround sound.

Synthetic landscape-like scenes are being generated form a large database of images, video sequences and other geo-encoded information. The work emphasizes the idea about multi-layered structure of metaphysical timespace. Various hypotheses, propagating existence of "parallel universes", explain that all the potential variations about any situation, as well as past, present and future events take place simultaneously and influence our actuality. In the technologically mediated world, the visible reality, artificially made maps and human inner experience of space diffuses into a paradoxical composite image.

Tactical Cartography Command Centre (2004)

Multi-screen interactive installation, that consists of a space with several display areas, presenting several locative media projects and free GIS applications . The mock military-style command-and-control center engages people in a technically stimulating environment to discover "locative space", depicting the relationship between the wireless mapping technologies on offer and issues of surveillance and control.

Produced together with Marc Tuters.
Colaborators: Karlis Kalnins, Christian Nold, Luka Frelih

  • ISEA2004, Helsinki
  • DEAF04, Rotterdam

Big Brotherhood Browser (2001-2004/2005)

Fictional scenario about a country, where all it's citizens since birth get implanted personal identity chip and permanently replicate many of their sensory experiences to governmental, public and private networks. Several levels of shared privacy create multiple presences, allowing network clients eg. to locate someone the city or "visit" a distant party with "remote eyes" (implant cameras), and "remote ears" (microphones) weared by "agents". The installation presents this scenario as an interactive story, where the visitor encounters something like a "navigation console" for the "Big Brotherhood Browser" where one can have a glimpse into various modelled situations and experience that through computer-synthesized stereoscopic (3D) image and surround sound.

Private Multi-verse Perception
Interactive 'meta-molecules' of 'audiovisual space and time'

VR installation / VR environment as multimedia performance
(stereoscopic projection, 3D sound, interactivity) The ‘visual title' +≈× 'hints' to several rather abstract metaphysic notions. Theme: invisible, but imaginary density ‘empty' (surrounding) space, constituted by metaphysical code.

VIDEO (RealMedia) | VIDEO (QT) |
info URL: +.x-i.net (or plus.x-i.net)

Simulacrum Populi (2002/2003 -...)
(2002 version: MultiCultureMolecular Humans)
Society as the MultiCultureMolecular Virus Epidemy

VR installation (stereoscopic projection, 3D sound, interactivity)
Humans leave traces in of their presence in biologica, mental, and technological presence through imaginary hybrid molecules, 'infecing' their surroundings.

VIDEO (RealMedia) |VIDEO (QT, 12MB) | info URL: cellulae.x-i.net/humans

BIOS - Bidirectional Input / Output System (2002)
- installation (together with Thomas Tirel, Sven Hahne and Norman Muller)

EEG device reads brain reaction to visual stimulation and the analysed signal is back-feeded to eyes (HMD) again.

info URL: BIOS.x-.net

E=+<X (2002)

Interactive VR installation, stereoscopic projection, quadraphonic sound

VIDEO (RealMedia) |

Cell[ular] Flux. Cellular Cities. (2002)

Ambient cell(ular) 'life forms' as metaphor for hybride landscape and digital networks. Vision of future 'browser'. Interactive VR installation, stereoscopic projection, quadraphonic sound.

VIDEO (RealMedia) | URL: cellulae.x-i.net/flux

Untitled VIDEO (RealMedia) |

video installation (part of solo-show JG.KKH.SE:99 in Stockholm at Galleri Mejan), 2 projections on 2 V shaped wallls (corner). Quadraphonic sound.

URL: garancs.net/projects/jg.kkh.se:99

[   ]=:+: (*1998)

Title: [  ]=:+:

Work idea: artwork as imaginary 'perpetuum mobile'. Chain from the initial idea of the work, its realisation in artistic form, is 'embodiment' in projection and sound, powered by electroenergy and the money of tax-payers, then the visitors (the taxt payers) can give their feedback to the artist (idea releaser). The visual form illustrates the travel through this chain.

->+ (1999 / unrealised / simulation VIDEO (RealMedia) )

The work title ->+ can be interrpreted in several ways, eg. 'Minus larger as plus' or 'development towards the plus". Video installation, projected on 3 walls, creating illusion of filled space.

Inside-Inside. Multimedia performance at the German Pavilion at EXPO 2000 in Hanover, in framework of the Ars Baltica festival (together with Dj Amok and Andreas Korte (Hamburg), Mindaugas Gapsavicius (Kiel).

VIDEO (RealMedia)

3D navigation system, alternative to the conventional 2D tree or window-like structure.
Collaboration between the Ericsson MediaLab and the KKH "Visions About The Future TV - Media on Demand" (december 1995 - October 1996).

VEMM - Virtual Experimental Modern Museum

Collaboration among the KKH, KTH and the Mederna Museet Stockholm. The idea was to create a concept for a new digital exhibition environment for the Museum.

Virtual Riga Culture - (involvement as concept author and artistic project director)
commission by the European Cultural Month in Riga ( www.riga2001.lv )
MySQL, PHP, VRML, Flash, RealMedia, Java.

URL: VR.rixc.lv

System architecture for the "Baltic-Interface Net" Project –

Database of individuals, organisations, projects and project groups. The geographic, political, cultural, user group and individual levels get intertweened via multiple relationships.

This project is currently frozen becouse of the unclear funding.

 URL: baltic-interface.net

Prototype for on-line Streaming Media  Exchange Community)
MySQL Database + PHP

(not finished / see memeX project)

URL: xchange.x-i.net

Internet Digester:
one of my eraliest (1996) Internet projects: Browser-on-top-of-Browser - Webseite "new browser", where one could enter an URL and the content of the website got modified on-fly. Die zweite Funktion ersetzt quasi einen Suchrobot, durch Eingabe irgendeines Textes erfolgt die Suche gemäß der Interpretation und dehendes in der Datenbank. Infolge von Zeitmangel und technischen Problemen  leuft dieses Programmm nur als Demoversion (seid ArsElectronica’97) vor .

URL: remote.aec.at/id

Title: Hand Play (*1997-1998)

Video Etude (5 min)

The hands as the creactive mediator becomes part of the work itself.

VIDEO (RealMedia)

1-4 : : (1998)

Video (10 min) in 4 parts. Metaphysic symetry of cause and consequences.