During August 2006 - February 2008, J. Garancs has been hosted by
    Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Cologne, Germany)
    while being involved in 'LIVE' (
    - EU funded international future interactive TV research project

      Participations -


      • "Staro Riga 2011" Light Festival, Riga
      • "Studies of spatial subversions", ArtSpace, Riga
      • International Art Week, Tampere



      • Festival "New Media Meeting", Norrkoping
      • Festival Camp Pixelache, Helsinki


    • Interactive Futures (IF'09: Stereo), Vancouver, Canada
    • City festival, Cesis, Latvia
    • 2007:

    • "Waves - Art+Communication", RIXC, Riga, Latvia
    • "StereoVision", USF Contemporary Art Museum, Florida, USA
    • 2006:

    • Galerie du Haïdouc, Bourges
    • TECHNE'06 / Istanbul, Turkey
    • Spectography / Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
    • Festival Bandits Mages , Bourges
    • 2005:

    • festival "Étonnante Lettonie", France
      - Point Ephémère, Paris
      - La Filature, Mulhouse
    • - Museum of contemporary Art, Strasbourg
    • "Break the ICE" - NordScen / Reykjavik (Iceland)
    • "Bodies in Play", BNMI - Banff New Media Institute (Canada)
    • "IMCEXPO", Chelsea Art Museum, New York
    • Amazon 3D, SAT, Montréal
    • PLAN seminar, ICA, London
    • Transmediale, Berlin


    • Pixxelpoint'04, Nova Gorica
    • DEAF'04, Rotterdam
    • VSMM 2004, Ogaki City
    • Art+Communication: Trans-Cultural Mapping at RIXC, Riga (Latvia)
    • ISEA2004 - International Symposium for Electronic Arts, Helsinki (Finland)
    • V2_Lab, Rotterdam (the Netherlands) P.E.R. / exStream artist-in-residence
    • Banff New media Institute (Canada): "Simulation and Other Re-enactments: Modeling the Unseen" symposium
    • Interaccess Gallery, Toronto (Canada)

"...while many new media artists artists are so conceptionally convoluted that few get the hyper-irony, Garancs' work is viceral and tangible: a 3D datascape of moving lines, colours and information that can be set up to interact with moving bodies. Viva networked acid for the wired generation!

Garancs creates crazy stereoscopic projections - like what you'd hallucinate the Net to look like in William Gibson's Neuromancer. Call it the new phychedelia for the SMS kiddies, or the reprogramming of our cyberpunk fantasies with surround-sound bleeps..."

by Tobias C. van Veen for ARTSWEEK, Montreal Mirror